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INFOTelecom is invited to the business meeting of the LONGi company in Madrid

 The senior managers of INFOTelecom participated in the international meeting “Leading into infinity”, in Madrid by the leading global company for solar systems, LONGi. INFOTelecom, as part of the corporate strategy to enable the most modern and technological systems in the field of telecommunications and energy, is currently collaborating with LONGi in the GreenNat Solar Park project in Ballshit.

The CEO of INFOTelecom, at the same time Chairman of the Board of Gjonaj Group Holdings, Marin Gjonaj, and the senior manager, Arben Margilaj, met to discuss about the current cooperation and new opportunities with the top managers of LONGi.

At the meeting, investment opportunities in the clean solar energy field in Albania were also presented. LONGi executives confirmed their willingness to work with INFOTelecom on new projects. They presented the European companies in this field with their latest solar panel and digital systems.

During the meeting and in the joint presentation, Mr. Marin Gjonaj emphasized the importance that INFOTelecom attaches to state-of-the-art technology investments. “We are pleased with our cooperation with LONGi, and we hope to extend this in other projects as well,” said Mr.  Gjonaj.