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About Us

20 years in Telecommunications!

INFO-Telecom ICS is part of Gjonaj Group which has diversified portfolios in Telecommunication, Business Process Outsourcing, Sustainable Energy Trading & Generation and High-end Property Construction and Development.

INFO-Telecom has been in the forefront of the Telecommunication business for over 20+ years, with an extensive experience and knowledge on International Voice Transit, Messaging, securing network for monetization and customized manage services solutions. Our revenue over the years have surpassed Euro 200 Mil and group revenue Euro 600 Mil.

Our International network coverage consists of 1,000+ Mobile Network Operators across 200 countries, on bilateral Voice & SMS Services, through our global offices located in USA, Greece, Italy, Albania and Kosovo. As we progress in Voice and Messaging business our footprint in connecting directly to global mobile has been steadily growing by 20% YoY, which covers predominantly the Balkan region, Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Countries where we are situated

Our business model combines a global reach with a local presence to provide the best possible customer experience.
Our strategy involves both expanding globally and establishing a strong local presence in various countries to better serve our clients.
We aim to achieve the ideal balance of global outreach and local accessibility by expanding our operations worldwide while also establishing a strong presence in different regions.
Our go-to-market approach is focused on achieving a balance between global expansion and local customer support, allowing us to provide an optimal customer experience.