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Ada Group Representatives held a series of important meetings during a business week in the African cities of Lusaka, Harare, and Cape Town.  Mr. Marin Gjonaj, Co-Founder and Head of International Carrier Services at INFO-Telecom,  had a meeting with the Minister of Information Communication Technology of Zimbabwe, Mr. Hon. S. Mandiwanzira.  During the meeting, Minister Mandiwanzira had the courtesy to speak about the developments of the electronic communications market in Zimbabwe, and the potentials it offered to foreign investors.  Mr. Gjonaj was able to give a brief introduction about INFO-Telecom activity as a international operator, and discussed about the Ada Group experience in electronic communications, to evaluate potential investments in the African country.

The days were followed with several meetings with Tier 1 operators in Zimbabwe,  to discuss about cooperation opportunities in establishing local interconnections.

The business week was concluded with the attending of INFO-Telecom Commercial Team at the GCCM Africa and Africacom Conferences in Cape Town, South Africa, turning out to be very successful, as Interc

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